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Jigjiga Branch Office

RRS – Jigjiga Branch Office, located in Somali Regional State in Eastern Ethiopia bordering with Somalia.

Currently RRS – Jigjiga Branch Office is hosting Somalia refugees in the region. There are three (3) refugee camps under Jigjiga refugee operation. These are, Kebribeyah, Awbarre and Shedder refugee camps. As of 07 January 2023, the Jigjiga Branch Office hosts a total of 45,004 refugees mainly in the following three camps:

Basic Profile of Refugee Camps under Jigjiga Branch Office


Date of Establishment


(Lon & Lat)

Camp Area


Distance from Jigjiga townDistance from AA

Population size as of 07/01/23

1. Kebribeyah

February, 1991

Lon: 43°10’36.69’’E

Lat: 9°6’6.15’’N

27550 km South680 km17,322

2. Awbarre

June, 2007

Lon: 43°13’58.81’’E

Lat: 9°47’18.6’’N

208.12578 km North-East700 km13,090

3. Shedder

May, 2008

Lon: 43°7’52.23’’E

Lat: 9°42’3.39’’N

20053 km North-East690 km14,246