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By the very nature, livelihood opportunities and income-generating options of refugees and displaced persons are often precarious.

In some camps, there are little/non-existing opportunities of livelihood for refugees and yet demand for such programs is high. Various NGOs are currently engaged in various livelihood and income-generating activities.

Technical and vocational centers which would help improve refugee livelihoods in general will have a great impact particularly on the lives of the youth who benefit the most out of them. The centers will cater various skills trainings that could be marketable and will fill the current high demand for vocational and skills training programs.

Skills training and income-generating programs are often provided in camps by various partners including carpentry, electricity, welding, metal and wood work, computer training, crafts making, hair dressing, tailoring, among others.

We are gearing all our and partner efforts towards increasing opportunities for self-reliance by rolling out diversified vocational training and income generating programs in camps. Such programs have the positive role that refugees might play in the growth of themselves as well as the communities they live in. There is a need to diversify the types of vocations and skills provided in camps. It is also crucial to support the commencement and continuation of the same vocational and skills program in towns where refugees live by creating access to out of camp refugees.

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